Prevent Break-ins with High Security Locks

Pulling into your driveway can feel great knowing a tranquil and pleasant abode awaits you. But if you have ever come home to meet a burgled and ransacked apartment, then you are acquainted with just how quickly this feeling could go soar, turning to frustration, anger, and fear. Crime prevention and law enforcement authorities have revealed that homeowners can improve the level of their homes by using high security locks.

Upgrading the lock security system of your home is an ideal way to prevent lock bumping. Lock bumping is a technique that involves lock picking to force a tumbler lock open. A bump key is usually inserted into the lock, then a hard object is used to strike the lock to force it open. Poorly secured homes are definitely easy targets for savvy burglars due to their ease of access.


High Security Lock

How can you prevent break-ins with high security locks?

Use Deadbolt Locks

They are the best lock types. They usually feature a thumb turn inside and a key lock entry from the outside and the cylinder for key entry is pick-resistant. When you contact us, our locksmiths at Apache Junction Locksmith 24 will ensure appropriate checks are carried out so a suitable deadbolt lock is installed for your apartment.


Window Locks

Most people always remember to lock their doors before they go to bed at night. However, several others leave their windows open to let the breeze in and allow for the inflow of air overnight. Having window locks is important, using them is crucial to your security. There are key locks for all window types. For example, you can ensure double-hung windows are secured by using a nail to pin the upper and lower frames.

Install Door Frame Reinforcements

Although almost everyone locks their doors when they are out of home, the lock you have on your door is only as strong as the door itself. Installing door frame reinforcements will further secure your door and help you detect any potential burglary attacks.


Other tips that can help you secure your property include:

Motion Lights: Motion lights are usually activated, casting a bright light when someone is within the sensor’s visibility. Homes that have visible motion lights are usually avoided by burglars, and if they manage to attack, they would flee the scene once the light is activated.

A Barking Dog: The burglar will definitely think twice before trying to get into a house with a barking dog.

An Alarm System: Similar to the motion-activated lights, the alarm system sounds when a burglar comes within the vicinity of the system.


High Security Locks

High Security Locks Installation

While you can easily purchase regular locks at a home improvement store, high security locks are sure to give you the security and peace of mind needed to come home or head back to your business with confidence. In order to be sure about your security, we can help you determine the best high security lock system for your property and get them installed for your security. Call us at (480) 621-3929 and we would be happy to discuss the details of your security project with you.

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